May 10, 2021

Arche Protocol has announced the completion of a multimillion dollar funding round and involved leading companies such as: ParticleXYZ, 3commas, Prometeus LABs, Basics Capital, Lotus Capital, Moonwhale Capital, LD Capital, Gate labs, Capital Chain, Candaq, PAKA, DCI Capital, Raptor, Kryptos Research, M6, Cinch Block.

Network development on future plans, Arche will collaborate with the support of the STAFI protocol and technical integration from PARSIQ. The mainnet itself will launch at ETH and BSC in Q2. The Solana Version will finish its Alpha test in Q2, and launch in Q3. Besides, Arche Network will announce the details of its IDO at the end of May

At Arche, you can customize your own financial contracts. After setting the relevant parameters and asset storage that will be provided by the smart contract to complete the transaction. Arche itself can be awakened because more and more innovative and creative people join the blockchain industry and together in building the DEFI ecosystem which will certainly greatly contribute to the world of decentralized finance. The Arche Protocol will empower traders and developers to participate in more community friendly financial markets.

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